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Flip the Script and Get Mortgage Assured to Buy Your New Home!

Published 3 months ago

What Does it Mean to Be Mortgage Assured When Buying a Home?

The market has gotten competitive and with the increasing number of cash buyers making offers - it can be hard for a financed offer to compete. When you're Mortgage Assured with Celebrity Home Loans, you have more than just a Pre-Approval which means you'll look more serious than other financed offers.

A pre-approval usually means that the loan officer has reviewed your file based on lender standards but with our Mortgage Assured Program, you get a commitment to lend before the purchase contract is signed. There’s no catch! The only conditions are based upon an appraisal and title of the purchase property.

With our Mortgage Assured program, you can get approved in as little as 48 hours and close in as little as 10 days from the Appraisal delivery! Why deal with a possible decline when you can get Mortgage Assured and enjoy a smooth transaction?

Hopefully, you now understand how being Mortgage Assured stands out as an innovative option for those individuals and families looking to buy a home quickly and affordably. You could have the power to get the home you want right now. Are you ready to take the Smart step?

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