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Congratulations Tim Petro You’re Pre-Approved!

Published 4 months ago

Hi Tim,

I wanted to congratulate you on being fully Pre-Approved!

I have a detailed TCA Video Analysis with the exact approval numbers and options if certain situations arise.

Your Approval TCA Video:

1. Your Approval Amount

2. Your Max Approval Amount

3. Our Plan If Value Comes In Low

4. Forecasted Numbers 12 Months From Now


Submitting Offers and Next Steps

Here is a simple game plan as we get ready to shop for homes.

1. I will be reusing this presentation and submitting the offer directly to the Listing Agent.

2. I will edit the title of this presentation with your names and street address of the property.

3. I will update the pre-approval letter to match the offer amount.

4. I will re-record the TCA video so that I'll be speaking directly to the Listing Agent.

This presentation will allow me to show them how complete our approval is, our game plan with financing, and in particular, our program if the value comes in low.

This will be our secret weapon in this competitive market.

Thank you,

Scott Nicholson

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