Right-Sizing | A Plan To Help You Down-Size in 2022

Published 4 months ago


Are you thinking of downsizing but unsure of the timing, strategy, and finances surrounding such an event?

In this presentation, I'll lay out a few factors why the TIMING might be now for you. Plus, I'll have some simple financing strategies to help you accomplish this goal for 2022.


The permanent reduction of a home to accommodate an aging population, empty nests, and preparing for retirement years.


The higher rates are helping us with this plan, and in the video above, I'll explain why and how they will positively impact you right now.

Why downsize?

As we all age and prepare for our retirement or a way more comfortable way of life. We need a plan to help move out of the large two-story home, downsize the large lot with maintenance that can no longer be maintained, or move closer to our children, who would be watching and caring for us as we age. Either way, the needs are building, and most have no plan to address these issues moving in quickly and or suddenly.

Next Step?

In the video & slides above, I've laid out why now is the time. ( higher rates will cause opportunities for you to capitalize on selling high and getting the best out you financing your downsizing ) I've also laid out options & plans for you to be able to visualize the possibilities on how to downsize; those are the Downsize TCA videos below.

Downsize Goals?

Net from the sale of current property

Price points of downsizing property

Analysis of retirement needs before purchasing

Financing strategies to accomplish the downsize

Getting Approved with me so that we can be confident our plan is valid

Execution of our strategy with Listing & Buying Agent