Hi Laurie And Clifford! Here is your Annual Mortgage review!

Published 4 months ago

Hi Laurie and Clifford - Hope you and your family are doing great! We always love sending out annual mortgage reviews, knowing that life changes quickly and so do our clients financial goals. Perhaps your home loan that's currently in place isn't serving you and your family like it once did. On the flip side of that, perhaps its still positioned perfectly!

We want to make sure you are paying the least amount of interest and saving the most money long term as well as addressing other long term financial goals. Debt consolidation, home improvements, moving up to a new home, retirement, all items we have assisted our clients with through this annual review.

I included a few videos to take a peek at, the bottom two are client examples/stories that were prompted from the annual review. The top analysis is specifically geared toward your current financing and how easy it is to knock years off your mortgage or perhaps put those funds in a liquid/interest bearing account on the side, so you are building additional wealth outside the home.

Please, reach out if you have any specific questions or you would like an analysis updated to focus on a goal you have in mind for your family. Always happy to help.