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Our MortgageAssured Offer for Kyle Guerrero on 960 Starkey RD #1405

Published 4 months ago

Hello Cameron!

Here are the details of Asianna Lotito's offer from Kyle Guerrero on your listing.


- Pre-Approval Letter covering the offer price: $355,000

- Loan Type: Conventional, NOT FHA so no additional restrictions on the Condo

- Down: 3-5%

- Credit: Excellent

- Income: W2

- Assets (Cash to Close): Seasoned and Sourced


Items Included:

- Our Pre -Approval Letter ( which you can download )

- We've included a video that highlights our financing plan.

- Our Appraisal Gap plan " if " we miss the mark on the Appraised Value vs. agreed contract price & how we can maintain qualification & without exceeding the Buyer's approved payment and available cash to close.

Did I miss anything? If I did, reach out at any time, day or night. If you're working on getting your Sellers' home sold tonight, then I am too!


Shawn Beaudoin

941-524-1128 voice/text

Need a copy?

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