What is an ‘inverted yield curve’ and why does it matter to you?

Published 4 months ago

This video explains what most mortgage and real estate people are referencing when they talk about an 'inverted yield curve' and more importantly why that could matter to you or how can this info benefit YOU if you're in the market to finance real estate right now.

Knowing that lower rates could be ahead can give you a distinct advantage on choosing the smartest rate and cost structure today, as the chances are slim that you will have any loan closed between Jan 15th 2022 and current date for very long should rates drop in the next 12-24 months.

Consumers - it's always smartest to get your own customized total cost analysis from ARE Mortgage Group, so that you're aware of all possible loan structure options.

Realtors - it's a great idea to pair your homebuyers with a Lender like ARE Mortgage Group, so you can rest assured they are getting a total cost analysis.

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