Purchase options for Naty Chaimowitz

Published 4 months ago

Hello Naty! I wanted to make sure you had some information before the weekend and here we go. I have done a few different options for you in hopes you will see that I am trying to be forward thinking. With that in mind, I have done a video to explain what we are looking at here. Please take the 4.5 mins to listen as it should answer some questions. Please note that the market is testing a bottom level right now and we are seeing improvements in pricing the last two days. Tomorrow PCE numbers come out and this is the FEDs favorite measure of inflation. If we get HOT numbers, this could all turn around quickly. The market is super volatile right now and common sense seems to have left the market. I dont say that to scare you but more to educate and make sure you have all the information.

Please let me know how I can help and if you have any concerns. The next step for us will be to put an application together and I would LOVE to earn your business!!