Important Questions to Ask Your Loan Officer

Published 5 months ago

Choosing a mortgage lender can be daunting. Are you working with someone who prioritizes communication, education, speed, and 5-star service? Are you getting the best deal? Can they offer assistance with student loans or credit repair?

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I offer all of those things. See what Kent and Sally S had to say about working with me when they purchased their new home:

"Kristi worked diligently to help us close our loan. We had some unusual difficulties to overcome in closing the loan. Kristi worked overtime and sought answers to resolve the challenges. Our loan was closed in record time in order to meet the deadlines we were faced with. Kristi was very professional and personable to work with. She contacted us with frequent updates and answered questions in a timely manner. We would highly recommend Kristi to anyone seeking help financing a home."

Call me at 801-745-7327 for an analysis of mortgage options tailored specifically to your situation. I want to make sure you are in the best hands for your home financing needs.