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Hudgins family – Total equity assessment -Designing Your mortgage

Published 6 months ago

Initially many of our clients, think we are in the business of doing loans. We really don't look at it that way. We help you create, perhaps, the largest debt in your life, and have a responsibility to Design the best mortgage for you. We see our primary role as helping borrowers integrate the mortgage they select, into their overall long and short-term financial goals along with payment and equity objectives. We’ll Design and review YOUR mortgage plan, to ensure it fits your goals!

We are still estimating your property taxes. Reminder, depending on the time of the year, the title company may not send us the exact number until 2-4 weeks before closing. Due to the title companies schedule and the county tax assessor, they are doing their best to get us accurate information. However, it may be best to call the county for exact numbers for you.

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