Buyers – What To Do When Rates Increase

Published 6 months ago


If the market were not tough enough on buyers, the higher cost and rate movement would knock some buyers out of the market. But, that doesn't have to be the case as rates and fees increase. This video lays out a game plan for when rates rise.

Silver Lining - The positive side to this spike in rates and costs helps ( a little ) loosen the stranglehold the sellers have on this market. We need to see some flexibility to negotiate terms with the seller, which we need to have to help all buyers who will struggle in this higher rate market.

This video lays out your three options in a higher rate environment.

1. Tap out because it's no longer affordable.

2. Lower your price point for entering the market.

3. Structure better terms with you and the seller with The Seller Buy Down. ( which allows you to stay in the market and at your old pre-approval )