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Road Map to Manual Underwrite – Conditional Approval

Published 6 months ago

We are in route, and currently working on completing a manual underwrite for the VA loan. We have received a Referral/Eligible which means WE MUST Move forward with a manual underwrite. - We are exploring alternate financing alternatives as a back up plan.

Per - Underwriter:

"VA Debt ratio up to 41%. Depending on the documentable compensating factors that could potentially go up to 45%.

VA residual requirement is based on the standard VA Residual Income Table. Any ratio exceeding 41%, even 41.5% would require 120% of the minimum required residual for qualifying. Any additional residual income is always a plus.

VA reserves are not always required, but highly recommended and help with manual UWs.

You will need a most recent and consecutive 24 mo housing payment history documented with canceled rent checks if paid to individual landlord or with VOR if paid to a professional property maintenance company."


Kristin Newcomb

Regional Underwriting Scenario Specialist

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