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Michael + Laurel – Certified Move up analysis

Published 5 months ago


Here is a copy of a 'sellers net sheet' - this will give you a good gauge around how much money you can expect to NET upon sale of the NE Flanders condo.

Notice I'm including a series of payoffs and fees on the sale. One of which is a "2nd mortgage" pay off of $18600. This is the fee for potentially turning you and Laurel into CASH BUYERS.

We have access to a funding source/partner that will buy any house you wish for CASH, and then rent it back to you with an option to buy it again as soon as you sell the condo. You would buy it for the exact same price that the cash purchase, and they charge a 2.75% fee (of the purchase) - and collect on sale of the old home.

So that is all baked into these analyses for the next purchase.

I'm also comparing the 100% financing of a new rental condo like we discussed. I think that would end up being more expensive and problematic for you to do, but I'd love to hear your feedback, and Darby's as well.

Need a copy?

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