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Khofri – Move Up Analysis / Financing Strategy

Published 5 months ago

Hi Gabe,

Above you will find a document called a "SELLERS NET SHEET" - this itemizes all the costs of selling and should give you a fairly precise estimate of what to expect if you sell SW Vincent Street for $525k.

I'm using the payoff amount that you gave me verbally in our phone call on 1/24

The Financing Strategy illustration to the right shows different options around HOW TO BEST DEPLOY the $198k of cash proceeds into your life on the next purchase.

I'm showing 3 options - one is 5% down which is the "MAX LEVERAGE" position to take, the next is biggest down payment of all $198k into the purchase - landing you at the lowest payment, which is the "MAX CASH FLOW" option .

the 3rd is a "middle path" that splits the difference.

Note that all 3 options are USING ALL 198k of your proceeds, as well as INVESTING THE DIFFERENCE MONTHLY.

SO all 3 options are actually EQUAL to you as far as financial output for the next 15 years.

But look at the 'net worth in 15 years" in the financing strategy link. The Max Leverage creates about 100k more wealth for you and your family with the same dollars.

Need a copy?

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