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Agent Certified Equity Assessment

Published 5 months ago

In the real estate industry, a comparative market analysis (CMA) is an estimate of your home's value based on recently sold and similar properties within close proximity to it. A CMA can be used by sellers or buyers as they set listing prices for their property or make competitive offers to purchase another house respectively- so that you get the most accurate idea possible about what houses are worth around your area!

The Listing agent has provided a comprehensive CMA of your home above. You can print out the PDF version of the CMA for your records in the top right of this analysis. We have also provided a few videos for current market topics that we believe MUST be addressed by the Listing agent you choose in order to keep your sale in escrow and close in your expected time frame, as well as netting you the most possible cash proceeds. Wishing you a great home sale process!

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