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Annual Mortgage Review – Denise Donoghue

Published 6 months ago

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope all is well and safe this holiday season. I wanted to send out your Annual Mortgage Review and provide you with recent updates so that you can prepare for 2022.

First, I have included your Final CD, which can be downloaded to include with your 2021 tax paperwork. Your CPA can use this info to best prepare your tax filing for this year.

​Second​, the rapid increase in home values, your equity now, will provide additional options for you. So I have some videos highlighting those new and exciting options with these increased equity positions.

Equity Option Videos

1). Turning Bad debt into Good debt,

2). Removing PMI

3). Move-Up to a larger home

4). Switching from an FHA Loan to a Conventional Loan

5). Cash out to renovate

6). Building an ADU, or even building units

Need a copy?

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