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Renovation Plan For The Doornbos

Published 6 months ago

Hi Dan & Kirsten,

I wanted to get over that info we spoke about yesterday.

Kristen worked up some very detailed comps on the property, which are right above us ( CMA report ). Those can be downloaded if need be.

Equity Line:
I have worked up some options based on the comps.

Jumbo Renovation:
I have also worked up some "hypothetical " numbers on a Jumbo Reno. (the loan is a work in progress, so we can not plan on it until we have it in our hands/guidelines. I have been waiting on this loan for several years, just to give you perspective)

We didn't speak about it but should be looked at the Move-Up Option. It could be easier to purchase those upgrades vs. renovate for them.

Need a copy?

Download PDF