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Nick + Marti – Preapproved Offer for 3021 NW Grass Valley

Published 6 months ago

Attached is the Pre-approval letter for Nick + Marti Groeneweg

Nick and Marti come to you fully vetted, and ready to close quickly with a great financing plan.

Please refer to our explanation on how we can execute with very little change in our financing approach even in the unlikely event that the property does not end up appraising for accepted price.

Nick and Marti are long time Mortgage clients of ours, and we have every confidence of a fast and very easy mortgage process. Their income/employment background is easy with simple W2 Salary + Assets for the down payment simply sitting in a bank account.

This is as close to a "good as cash offer" as any mortgage client of ours can hope to achieve!

You can be sure that if we get into contract together, my team will be pro-actively communicating with all parties throughout. You can expect AT A MINIMUM - a weekly timeline update from our team to help you track our progress.

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