Peter + Melody Tam – Rocket vs. Strategic Mortgage Advice

Published 6 months ago

Hello Peter and Melody!

Please take a look at this comparison report that I've prepared for you as you explore an $850k purchase.

My mission is to add real value to your home purchase through added thoughtful planning about WHERE TO LOCATE YOUR DOLLARS over time as you transition from Texas to Portland.

My advice is to use 2 loans in concert to acquire this property. Doing this will allow you to conserve cash upon immediate close, and then dial in a smaller and more comfortable monthly payment once you sell the Texas property. You would do this by using sale proceeds to pay the 2nd loan (HELOC) - down to zero as soon as possible. We can max out the 2nd loan to land you at the smallest possible mortgage on the back-end... or we could split the difference, and amplify your leverage by investing some of those proceeds with the rest of your investments.

Pay extra attention to the 4th section of this cost analysis report where it shows your Net worth over the next 15 years.