Our Plan: Low Offer

Published 1 year ago

Hello, I wanted to introduce myself because I will be the lender assisting Brad Kerr (List Agent) if we have the opportunity to serve you. I have two particular roles in your transaction. 1). I will validate all buyer offers submitted for financial strength, but more likely my second role, solve any financing challenges if they arise. For example, one of many challenges that we can solve in this market is what happens if the our only offer comes in low. We would implement this during the offer/screening process to create the plan upfront vs. reacting during the active escrow process, causing delays and, worse, cancelation so that we can generate the most significant profit on the sale of your home.This video scenario details how to handle " If " the offer comes in low and it might be your only offer. You can either counter with a higher and full price or take it. You take it, but you'll make less on the sale of your home. You counter them, you risk losing that buyer, and if they are your only buyer, that could be a problem.