With The Largest Spread In US History – It’s Time To Move Out Of CA

Published 1 year ago

In the history of household equity and mortgage interest rates, has never been a greater spread between the two. Usually, rates move down with negative news and up based on positive information. For example, in 2006, during the housing bubble ( where household equity was the greatest ever ), interest rates ranged around 6.75%. Whereas, when the buddle burst, and we moved into the Great Recession, values dropped, and so did rates. But, in this presentation, I highlight the spread between the high household equity (most significant in history ) and the lowest rates in our lifetime, which creates the most extensive spread between the two. This creates massive opportunities, so I want to highlight some of the options and opportunities you might want to think about, which I hope stimulates thoughts and questions. This particular presentation highlights how to pull money out now, which creates opportunities to purchase land and build your new home in your retirement years.