With The Largest Spread In US History – It’s Time To Remodel

Published 6 months ago

In the history of household equity and mortgage interest rates, has never been a greater spread between the two. Usually, rates move down with negative news and up based on positive information. For example, in 2006, during the housing bubble (where household equity was the greatest ever), interest rates ranged around 6.75%. Whereas, when the buddle burst, and we moved into the Great Recession, values dropped, and so did rates. But, in this presentation, I highlight the spread between the high household equity (most significant in history ) and the lowest rates in our lifetime, which creates the most extensive spread between the two. This creates massive opportunities, so I want to highlight some of the options and opportunities you might want to think about, which I hope stimulates thoughts and questions.This presentation highlights the need to expand and or upgrade your home with a remodel. The keys are to create a plan, prepare a budget (add 10%), and pull the funds out now. So that when material & labor costs come down to earth, you are ready to start your renovation.