Know Your Numbers | If You’re Going To Overbid On A Property

Published 1 year ago

Hello, I wanted to get this sample TCA on how "over bidding" on a property could be the trick to get you that property. But, you need to know your numbers and your need a expert Loan Officer who knows how to structure the financing. Example: Sales Price 740K | You want to put 20% Down | You have a 780 middle FICO and you really want to this home. Hurdle: Comps are in the range of 660k to 700K range. Problem: You think you need additional funds to close or have to deal with PMI or even have a payment that becomes to high and unaffordable. Solution: Watch the video below and I'll show you how in the worse case scenario ( overpaid by 80k ) plays out........... Hint: your payment would only go up by $86.00 and cash to close would be less!!