What’s New & What’s Coming Soon

Here at Lender Launchpad, our goal is to make lenders’ day-to-day routine easier and more productive by connecting popular yet segmented tools into one easy-to-use platform. This makes it so lenders, consumers, and everybody involved in the mortgage process has a much better experience.

While our early adopters have shared a number of success stories with us, we are just getting started. To help document that process and because so many new features have launched that it might be hard to notice them all, we felt like it was the right time to start detailing what we’ve updated and what we have in our roadmap

Before we begin, please keep in mind that all features and mentions of our roadmap are subject to change. That said, let’s talk about what’s new and what’s coming soon to Lender Launchpad.


Presentations are the ideal way to deliver one-to-one content.

When creating a new presentation, you will now see a lot more ways to get started. If you have ever used Lender Launchpad, you are already familiar with the options in the “Quick Start” section. Here, you can quickly create presentations using a PDF document, Loom screen recording, Mortgage Coach TCA, or YouTube video.

We have now added ways you can use presentations in the form of “Use Cases” and ways to “Enhance Your Mortgage Marketing”. Simply put, these are some of the ways lenders are using Lender Launchpad to enhance their current tools and strategies to stand out from their competition.

Once you’ve chosen the type of presentation you’d like to make, we’ve also improved upon how you input what goes into that presentation. There are now 3 simple steps to making a presentation, each with its own helpful tips.

Step 1 – Adding Your Primary Content

Your primary content is the main focus of your presentation. For example, if you’re sending a pre-approved offer to a Seller’s agent, this would likely be a pre-approval letter in the form of a PDF document. Like before, you can also include a description, add topics, and choose the privacy type of your presentation.

Step 2 – Adding Additional Content

Your additional content is meant to be complementary to the primary content. It is often used to introduce, inform, or dive deeper into what you or your presentation is about. To build on the previous example, if you’re sending a pre-approved offer to a Seller’s agent, maybe you want to include a MortgageCoach TCA talking about your contingency plan(s) if the appraisal doesn’t match expectations.

Also, while we’re on the topic of the “Additional Content” section, you can now add a PDF as additional content. This was a very common feature request and we launched that feature this week.

Step 3 – Your Thumbnail

Your thumbnail has a few different uses. The most common use is giving your presentation a nice preview image for when you share your presentation via a messaging app or social media. For presentations that use videos and TCAs as their primary content, this also acts as a thumbnail preview that can be clicked to open that content.

Once you complete these 3 simple steps, you have successfully published a presentation and are taken to the share page as usual. We have more to talk about with presentations, but we’ll get into that shortly.


Resources are the ideal way to deliver one-to-many content.

Previously, you were only able to create resources using PDF documents. As our platform has evolved, giving resources all the same content options (i.e., Loom screen recordings, YouTube Videos, Mortgage Coach TCAs) that presentations have was the logical next step.

Resources now also use the same 3 step process that presentations do, including the ability to add a PDF document as additional content.

Upcoming Changes to Presentations and Resources

When Lender Launchpad first launched, the “Resources” section was built as a way to give life to the PDF flyers that many lenders had but weren’t using. Later, when we added a page to view a lender’s public presentations, we quickly saw that there was some overlap in how resources and public presentations were being used and that a marriage of the two would need to happen.

Soon, we will be making that change and will be migrating each Lender’s public presentations into their resources section. This means there will no longer be a public presentations page. Once migrated, public presentations will live on as resources. Unlisted presentations will continue to live on in the presentations section and all presentations thereafter will default to being unlisted.

Having all public-facing content live in the resource section simplifies the experience of browsing a Lender’s website and knowing where to go for useful information. This also helps make it more clear whether to use presentations or resources to publish content, based on the intended use.

Once these changes have been completed, we plan to start adding new features to presentations with commonly requested features like open-tracking and being able to send presentations to recipients directly from your Lender Launchpad dashboard. We really want to build on the one-to-one use case of presentations, and make Lender Launchpad even more useful for creating, sending, tracking, and managing one-to-one presentations.

We will provide a timeline for these changes in the near future after we finish some items higher up on our roadmap.

Adding Scripts or “Tags”

We are currently beta testing adding things like a Meta (formerly Facebook) Pixel to your website in the form of a script tag. You can find this setting on your Website Settings page. Using a Meta Pixel, or something like it makes it possible to track existing marketing campaigns that are sending traffic to your Lender Launchpad website or for creating new ad campaigns to retarget visitors of your Lender Launchpad website.

Our Roadmap

While we can’t share everything on our roadmap just yet, we wanted to mention a few things that we are working on.


Soon we will be adding the ability to add agents, their license information, and their contact information to your account. This means, when you’re creating a new listing, presentation, or resource, you’ll be able to select an agent that you’ve added and automatically display their name, photo, license number, contact information, etc. This prevents having to manually enter this information each and every time you need to add it.

Listings Update

While presentations and resources have gotten a lot of attention, listings will soon be getting a lot of the features that presentations and resources are getting. This includes a simpler step-by-step creation process, helpful tips and FAQs, the ability to pre-fill agent information, and a front-end update.

MLS/IDX Integrations

Once we have completed our listings and agents updates mentioned above, we intend to launch an often-requested feature and that’s adding MLS/IDX feeds to you and your agents’ marketing options. We will get into more detail in the future, but wanted to let you know this is high on our list and something we’re really excited about.

Automated Thumbnails

As some of you may know, we’ve been alpha testing an internal tool to automatically generate professionally designed thumbnails for your website, presentations, resources, etc. While the tests have been very successful and well-received, we are not quite ready to bring this to the platform yet. We will be announcing more on automated thumbnails, and other tools just like it, in the near future.

Google Reviews

Support for Google My Business Reviews is our #1 requested feature and understandably so. While we share the same enthusiasm, Google currently only allows Google My Business Reviews API access to companies that help manage a business’s locations. As this is something we do not currently do, it is not an API we currently have access to. Until we are allowed access to that API, we are building a work-around that we feel confident will deliver the same results. While we can’t share how this will work just yet, we wanted to share that it is one of the highest items on our feature roadmap and are actively working on it.

That’s All For Now

We have even more on our roadmap that we can’t wait to share with you all, but we are saving that for another time. As we said, we are just getting started.

If you have any questions about these new features, what’s on our roadmap, or have a suggestion please email us at [email protected]