What's Going On with Mortgage Rates?

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Seriously. What's going on with mortgage rates? Going in to 2022, mortgage rates were around 3.22%. In the past year they've hovered around 7%, with only a couple of weeks where they dipped into the low 6's. There are A LOT of factors that go into this, and this page shows multiple videos throughout the past year to explain:

- Why rates initially spiked
- The most underrated factor in WHY they spiked to the extent they did
- What drove the short term dips
- What data (and "feelings") to pay attention to

Some of these videos are over a year old, but they DO tell us what happened then (and what data drove the trend), which can help guide us moving forward.

This page will be updated as needed, at least once a month when new rate-relevant data is released.

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