324 Little Falls St

Falls Church, VA 22046


For Sale by Agent

5 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
2+B Stories
Built 1878
5,106 sq ft
36,203 sq ft

Property Description

We may be one of only a very-few listings for a property that could become a "Family Compound." With the (often too horrible) changes that Covid-19 has inflicted on us, have you started modifying your perceptions of what you need? What we’ve always thought, the classical historical idea of a “family compound” – which allows both considerably more room and flexibilities in a Main Home, perhaps also the opportunity to have located, even “next door,” another home for other members of the family or group. Covid-19 has, because of its super-broad effects on our lifestyles, changed the prioritizations of would-be home buyers, especially those who have had to move to work-from-home situations, with schoolchildren also at home. We fit, virtually perfectly, into all the “new needs” for families as described in recent reports. Highest priorities are now for the following: • overall-larger homes; • several in-the-home offices; • more bedrooms (not just for the children, but also for possible stay-over visits by children's friends and more); • possible in-the-home existing or easily-creatable exercise capabilities; • large yard; • possibilities to create a swimming pool; • closeness to parks; • closeness to walking/bicycle trails; and • availability of delivery capabilities for foodstuffs, groceries, etc. Our property matches EVERY ONE of those priorities. In huge addition, it also provides a lot of extra land or lot on which – later or even right away – to build at least one more residence. DO NOT TELEPHONE OR TEXT ME. E-MAIL ONLY AT [email protected]. When you write, please tell us about your specific needs, interests and timings. We shall explain much more about our flexibilities... If you’re a realtor, we shall be pleased to deal with you, but strongly preferably if you’re representing a client with real interests. We’re not trying just to entertain “fishing expeditions.”

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