Eric Call

Based in Idaho Falls, ID

NMLS# 2223198

Being raised in Southeastern Idaho provides me the background and cultural values which bless the beautiful valley. That's why it is here I made the choice to raise my beautiful family, providing them these same values while being surrounded by farming and agriculture. Long hours and hard work are my friends and have taught me the importance and value of success. With this background I am someone you can trust and have your best interest in mind when it comes to making one of the largest financial decision you will ever face. With over 30yrs of working one-on-one with customers I know the importance of educating and coaching buyers through the mortgage process so they feel comfortable with the many decisions lending requires. Through excellent communication and strict attention to details I help to make the mortgage lending process less daunting and truly an exciting, successful, buying experience for you. I make dreams come true by helping you become a happy home owner!

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Mortgage Loan Office

Idaho First Mortgage

NMLS #1359687

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